About Gain

GAIN® Nutrition is Ireland's biggest selling animal feed brand, providing complete nutrition for a wide range of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. GAIN® Greyhound Food specialises in food for greyhounds, using the finest ingredients and advanced feed manufacturing technology. Glanbia plc, GAIN® Nutrition's parent company, is an international cheese and nutritional ingredients group, headquartered in Ireland. The group has 4,300 employees and has operations in Ireland, Europe, USA and China with joint ventures in the UK, USA and Nigeria.

What we believe

GAIN Greyhound Food is comprised of a range of diets, some of which can be fed on their own as complete balanced diets, with others used together or in combination with meat and other ingredients, to ensure greyhounds of all ages and activity levels receive a high quality balanced diet. Prior to 2005 GAIN Greyhound Food consisted of GAIN® Greyhound 28, GAIN® Greyhound 20 and GAIN® Brown Bread Nuggets. In early 2005 GAIN® Puppy & Sapling and GAIN® Record Breaker were added to the range. In 2009, we added GAIN® Maintenance to the range. GAIN® Garmivit was added to our range in 2010.

Research & Development

Research and Development is a dedicated and on going process which is paramount to the development of all GAIN Greyhound Food. At GAIN, we believe that a greyhounds nutritional needs always come first. Our recipes include added vitamins and minerals required for optimum animal health. We constantly innovate in order to provide the most healthy, delicious nutrition for high performance greyhounds.

Quality Nutrition

Nutrition and quality are the cornerstones on which GAIN Greyhound Nutrition has been built, with our many years of experience in producing greyhound feed to cater for breeding, racing and retired greyhounds. We constantly strive to incorporate the latest scientific research into our production techniques and product formulations to ensure that each bag of GAIN Greyhound Nutrition provides the best possible feed for your greyhound.